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I'm Brittany.
I've been living for seventeen years in the fine corn field of Ohio and one day I hope to end up in scrubs with a scalpel.

and i like lemons or something like that

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Had my cap and gown on, filmed for the news in it, went to a dinner for the top of the class, and it still hasn’t hit me

I don’t think it’ll ever hit me.

Oh well. Goodbye and good riddance, high school.

I went through like three pages of your blog and now I am ordering pizza. I don't know how to turn this into a lemon joke. :O
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Mark I love you

Share your pizza with me

In the next week, I will be leaving this blog and moving to a new one.

If you want to find me, just let me know.


Striated muscle and nerve fibers

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So today was the last full day.

This is the end of a really huge chapter in my life.

My mom is having me look through pictures to make a scrapbook for the grad party (old people love pictures!) and I really am having a lot of feeeeels. In the past four years, I’ve gone through a lot of changes. Immense changes. I no longer want to pursue music as a career. I no longer want piercings, hundreds of tattoos, to dye my hair a different color. 

In the past year alone, I’ve learned so many things. What it is like to be second best, and have to accept it, be proud of it. I’ve learned how to love, truly, and how to hate. I’ve learned how to move on, and I’ve learned how to protect myself. I know that those around me are learning too. And I know that some are not.

There are so many moments I will remember forever, and so many I will be quick to forget.

I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime, and “friends” I’m ready to erase from my life. 

I am ready to make a lot more changes. I am ready to grow and learn even more.

I am happy. 


I seriously thought I failed it and that I’d get a B for the quarter, subsequently for the year, and lose my status.


Last art projects of high school… the picture really doesn’t do the iguana any justice whatsoever.

Catvengers, assemble!

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